The Blue Rose: 1×03 – Sheila Take a Bow

The Blue Rose: Monday 8:30pm TV3
This week on The Blue Rose we had a hit and run, an attack, an angry wife, homeless man manhunt and more dodge dodgeroo behaviour.

We find our leading ladies doing something about last week’s final revelation that the homeless man saw something he shouldn’t have. Yes, they’re trolling the streets of Auckland looking for the homeless man who’s gone into hiding, or is dead. There are a few places in Auckland unnamed homeless witness could be hiding but Auckland after dark isn’t always the safest place to be. Of course, it would seem that it isn’t safe to be anywhere if this episode is anything to go by.

Jane’s struggling with the question of whether she should take the full-time position at Mosely & Loveridge, her boyfriend points out that she went there because of her parents predicament and now that they’re sorted she can hightail it out of there. I can understand this line of thinking- what are you still doing there, you’ve helped your mum and dad. Scat! However she’s invested in more than just what she set out to do. She’s part of the Blue Rose Gang now, and whether she likes it or not she wants to know who killed Rose just as much as we do. Once again she tells Linda she’s pulling out and doesn’t want to take the position at M&L. I suppose I wouldn’t want the job either if it meant going up against Krystle with a K. Even Jane’s boss is afraid of her.

“Don’t be a dick Charlie!”

I’m pretty sure Krystle has a few screws loose. I bet it was Colonel Krystle, on the bridge with a wine bottle. Joking, Krystle’s a bit mental but killing someone for their job? Well, people have killed for less. Seriously, sending in the bitchy wife to a lunch Jane has with Simon Frost was some underhanded shit.

However, this gets Jane thinking, what if Rose’s killing wasn’t business related but personal? The Simon and Rose affair makes for a compelling, if predictable, avenue.

One person I have no problem imagining accidentally kill someone in a fit of rage is Linda. Linda’s got some issues regarding restraint. I mean so far she’s reacted with physical violence, she has no filter and little qualms about using less than legal methods to obtain information. Seriously, how far does her social netball contacts go? However she’s also loyal to the core and is actually super nice when she sounds like she’s being mean. She allows one of her staff to take the van home and someone crashes into it whilst it’s parked. Who the heck crashes into a parked car? At first I thought it was connected to the Rose scenario, but after a great drawing from a somewhat unreliable witness, Sammy’s neighbour and Linda’s sleuthing we figure out it’s un-Rose-related.

Sonya’s looking for a job, having been unemployed since being fired by Moselys and after a successful first interview she’s thrown when the interviewer isn’t as interested as she was before. This is because Barry the HR guy gave her a crap reference. Finding this out makes Sonya go to Moselys and confront Barry straight up. Barry’s a bit of a douche. Isn’t it rather suspect that after Sonya goes to Moselys to yell at Barry (let’s ALL yell at Barrys) she’s attacked in her own home? Also, before Barry exits stage left during Jane’s interview he says ‘All I’ve ever done was all that was asked, as you bloody well know.’ Hmm, thou seest the act afoot? I don’t know why I said that. Roll the tweets!

Simon watching that footage at the end! Discuss!

Special Mentions:

– Sonya’s gone off the rails. Sorry, Elizabeth Clyde. Sonya’s won another 50 cool points. I mean, what a badass. $985,000!! “I got them instead.” Yes you did.

– Jane and Simon discuss Shakespearean Tragedy at lunch. Where everyone dies at the end. Bad taste? I wonder why, Simon.

– Hot waiter. *Ahem* Nice casting, guys.

– Ganesh helps how he can. But seriously his bad acting when helping Linda catch out the dodgy car dealer. I lost it when he turned up with the Audi and he’d picked up his crew.


2 thoughts on “The Blue Rose: 1×03 – Sheila Take a Bow

  1. You posted @elasticated’s tweet twice! Oops!

    I was a little confused by this episode. Well, not confused but rather a little confounded perhaps? Am I the only one who found the Asian kid’s casting problematic? And Linda’s subplot with the van and the insurance… what was the point of that? If it was to show Linda’s personality and how she has a good heart and how far she would go to get something resolved, I think we already got the point. The subplot just took up way too much of the hour, as if the writers couldn’t write enough material for a full 45 minutes this week.

    Not the best episode of the series so far.


    1. Did I? Oi vey.

      Yeah, Linda’s subplot this week was a tad redundant- I found myself trying to tie it in with the wider storyline. I really thought someone was targetting Linda, maybe that’s what they wanted? I don’t know.

      Also, Jane seems to back out every episode and then jumps in deeper than she already was.

      I do like the development with Sonya, however. I’m keen to see what they make out of it.

      Well they do have 13 episodes in this season, so I guess they’re really trying to hammer it in the sort of person Linda is? I want more Ganesh and Sophie. (And Krystle with a K tbh)


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