JawkwardLOL Presents a teaser for ‘Shit Samoan Mums Say’

We’ve seen a lot of ‘Shit (insert adjective) Mums Say’ and they’re always a good laugh. However so far I haven’t seen one that really speaks to me as a Samoan person with a Samoan mum. So we decided that I should change that. For our first youtube video we’ve uploaded a teaser consisting of material that may or may not be based on actual interactions with my lovely mother. Basically we realised we had made a JawkwardLOL youtube channel but hadn’t uploaded anything, so I filmed a few scenes as my mum, edited it and chucked it up. The quality is crap but- well, if by some stroke of awesome, the video gets views and people like it we’ll be motivated to make more videos with much better quality.

Have a look and maybe subscribe?


What say you?

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