The Blue Rose: 1×02 – What Difference Does It Make?

The Blue Rose: Monday 8:30pm TV3

Well, the plot thickens! Usually what happens after the initial episode, and boy did it thicken. Stop. Keep on track. The mystery continues with revelations that lead to more questions, more wonderful shots of Auckland and characters developing past the initial first impressions stage makes for a much more cohesive, suspense filled hour than last week.

So we join Jane and Linda tailing the mysterious lady, failing and deciding to do a little B&E. At least Jane’s apprehensive about it. But it yields helpful info! We find out ‘Mystery Lady’s’ name. Sonya Whitwell, who has the confidentiality agreements conveniently lying around in her kitchen, not only that but it turns out she and Rose were really good friends, best friends even.

Best friends?

This doesn’t sit well with Linda who’s never heard of Sonya before. We know Linda was Rose’s best friend, and she’s coping with the death of her friend in her own way however we don’t see a crack in Linda’s tough guy persona (do we know that it’s just a persona by now?) until when she talks about Rose, or Rose’s daughter, or when she’s with Rose’s mum. I like that she’s got a few connections, her moral compass is a tad skewed but her heart’s in the right place. However, tampering with a birth certificate? Yikes. Also, that must be some important netball game for someone to be willing to place their career and possible jail time on the line. And no, Jess, that island lady’s not my aunt. Racist.

Although thanks, by the way, for keeping me informed when I hadn’t gotten home yet. Seriously, I interrupt this review to give you Jess’s text updates of the show because I wasn’t home to catch the beginning.

Jess's UpdatesJess's Updates

 Granted she started calling Jane Loretta, they were all still very helpful.

So last week people were questioning why Jane, who seems relatively sensible, would just go ahead and help the turbulent Linda. This week the show delves a little more into Jane’s reasons. She rants at Linda about how Peterson was using his law-firm to bribe people and making a court case go away thus perverting the course of justice. She starts talking about how people have suffered and lost money by investing in Lancaster and that the cops or the serious fraud office should be notified. A strong set of principles? Sure it’s nice on paper but real people are driven by more than a puffed up sense of morality. Finally Jane’s involvement makes a bit more sense when she says her parents lost everything in the Lancaster investments and with what she knows, she has the evidence to somehow find a way to mitigate their loss. Jane even reveals she asked to be sent to Mosely & Loveridge so she could look for her own answers. Now that she has them she feels theright thing to do is to go to the police with the information.

Jane and Linda disagree about going to the police. Linda doesn’t want Rose’s name to be besmirched by being implicated in the dodgy dealings she was privy to at Mosely & Loveridge. Jane’s all set to blow the whistle but in the end she comes around, because otherwise this would be a completely different show. Also, what’s better than super sluething by the underdogs? We’re rooting for them as they try to hold their own against the big bad corporations. It would appear that this show is about the corporate underdogs, people hard done by by those in power. In fact it’s Peterson’s complete asshole behaviour that convinces Jane to go all in with Linda in finding out the identity of Rose’s killer. Because we know there was foul play, even if the cops don’t. So yay for Jane being in the game and ready to help commit fraud in the name of good! I’m glad it worked out and they got to stick it to Rose’s ex, however I also feel this isn’t over in the slightest.

Side note: I like that NZ is getting more interactive with their shows, good to see a fake website that you can actually visit. It’s a nice way to familiarise yourself with characters. I could be the only one who finds it amusing.

But seriously.


Krystle with a K crackin’ start to the episode! ‘It really is time to take those down, it’s kind of freaky having a dead person on the wall.’ And I’m not the only one who thinks so. We need that person we love to hate, but love because in real life we’d probably hate. Sense? This is Jawkward, sense is checked at the door thank you very much.

Meeting Sonya played by Jennifer Ludlam, for real this time, was good. Booking hotel rooms as dummy rooms for clandestine meetings. Even better, the IT guy, Ganesh. First he runs from Linda like a little mouse and then comes out with a baseball bat claiming to be the muscle. Aww, adorbs.
Finally we get the complete story from Sonya, once she’s reprimanded Linda’s use of foul language (boom, scolded!) about the Lancaster debacle. Basically Peterson was a dodgy fuuudge, and when Sonya spoke up about it she was sacked. However she and Rose were able to take some of the money and, using dummy company Davy Hume Investments, managed to give some of it back to just some of the bankrupted investors. It was Rose’s idea, Rose is turning out to be a modern day Robin Hood by the looks of things. Stealing from the rich and giving to the needy, or wronged. However the question remains, who offed Rose? Was she hushed? She was definitely hushed, but by who? This homeless guy the popo are looking for as a suspect, he’s more likely a witness isn’t he? And he’s seen who killed Rose. I bet he also gets offed. It’d be much too easy for us to just talk to the homeless guy and get answers. An opportunity missed at the end when, after a moving littering send off to Rose ‘Kiora to all of that,’ Jane and Linda have the chance to get some answers from the homeless man who I guess really loves that part of harbour. However when he intimates that he saw something Linda, unforch, makes the mistake of mentioning cops (rookie mistake guys haha) and the homeless man freaks and runs. What or who did he see? WHO KILLED ROSE? Well, I guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out. Sound off in the comments with any theories.

Special Mentions:


– Was anyone else’s heart pounding when Jane was slyly getting Simon to sign the revised will? Yes.

– So now they’re legit in the Blue Rose gang huh? Inked.

– More twitter thoughts!

– Peterson the Prick and Rose’s Ex can both go right to hell.

– My sister shouted LITTERING when Linda threw the roses into the water. I’ve since shown her this tweet.


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