JawkwardLOL Reviews: Sunny Skies Pilot

Sunny Skies Friday 8pm TV3

So, Sunny Skies. I’m going to start with I don’t hate it. Right now I think, like the Mainland Cheese ads, ‘good things take time’ and I think we should give this show a bit of that. Twitter thoughts fluctuate.

The What: Deano and Oscar played by Tammy Davis and Oliver Driver find out they’re half-brothers when they arrive to their late father’s will-reading. This takes place at Sunny Skies, the campground they also inherit together much to the chagrin of the current manager Nicky, played by Morgana O’Reilly. Their father’s will stipulates that one can’t sell without the express permission of the other. So they, meaning Deano (MUNTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!) the not-so-smart Maori one with a heart of gold and a smartass daughter who feels overlooked, decide to keep it. Oscar can’t do much about it except offer derisive remarks.  Which some people like:

And some don’t:

Gunner’s pantslessness. Dude. Get some pants. The two homos, I like. Because they’re a bit mean and everyone knows you treat ’em mean to keep them keen. The humour is awkward, a bit dry and rather self-deprecating, but that’s kiwi humour for you. Something Hounds had a lot of, but that didn’t save it and that makes us sad. However we’re not talking about our grudge over the fact that show got canned.

Special mentions:

“I’ve always wanted an older brother. I just didn’t picture him being so…white.”

“Do you mind if I don’t talk to you, it’s just that old people give me the shits.”

“Just what don’t you understand about the word ‘homosexual’? Do you want us to draw you a picture?”

‘Whoever heard of a Maori who can’t swim?’

‘You’re hugging me bro!’

So let us know what you think, either by commenting or tweeting us. Do you think we should give Sunny Skies a chance? Also, we’re a big site now (sung to the tune of Huggies nappy ads), which just means we’ve decided we’re old and mature enough for a facebook page. Please ‘like’ us. Even if you don’t like us. Whether you ‘like’ us or not, we still like you.

Jawk ya in a bitties, titties. Ohh naaughty, said a naughty word! We’re rebels too, please come be our friend.


1 thought on “JawkwardLOL Reviews: Sunny Skies Pilot

  1. I only watched the second episode and i absolutely loved it.


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