The Blue Rose Pilot 1×01 – There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

Antonia Prebble and Siobhan Marshall, who played the West sisters Loretta and Pascalle respectively in the much loved Outrageous Fortune, are back as Jane and Linda. Jane, played by Prebble, is a modest new office temp at an inner city law firm. She’s unknowingly replacing a dead woman, Rose, who we discover is the woman found floating in the harbour at the beginning of the episode. Rose’s best friend Linda, played by Marshall, is a no-nonsense, straight talking woman who is pretty sure there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark. Wait, wrong show.
About The Blue Rose

What do we think? The pilot has definitely got us interested. Shall we ask twitter?

So far so good, because we really need this. It’s a nice new ‘whodunnit’ drama for us Monday-sufferers to get into. It’s always awesome seeing location shots we recognise from everyday life, especially if it’s shot really well. The show makes Auckland look pretty swanky. TV magic or is Auckland lookin’ good? You make the call.

Who can we trust? I mean Linda and Jane, who can Linda and Jane trust? Everyone’s acting just a little bit suspect from Simon, Rose’s (and now Jane’s) boss to the IT guy, Ganesh. The pilot really sets the stage for what could be an interesting series! Who is the old lady with the dark shades that shows up to Rose’s funeral and we see again at the end of the episode? Did Rose stumble upon something she really shouldn’t have or, despite Linda’s refusal to believe so, was Rose aware? Dodgy dealings and shady characters! Why’s the IT guy acting crazy? Is that hot junior lawyer, Charlie, who sits across from Jane a bit too friendly? Is it too early to start making theories about who killed Rose? Most definitely not! I’m going to go ahead and theorise that the most ‘suspicious’ seeming character most probably won’t be the killer. The IT guy? No, and someone agrees with me!

Marshall and Prebble are brilliant in their new roles. We can all agree that they slip into these roles without a hitch. Jane’s humble but smart- although conscientious. A far cry from the devious, somewhat immoral Loretta West. Linda’s a tough ‘no nonsense’ but loyal friend who’s driven to seek out the truth. If not for her own peace of mind, then for her best friend’s daughter. Where Pascalle West was a bit of a whiny princess, Linda is a biting, assertive character who I already back 100%. It’s unfair, although inevitable, to conjure up thoughts of Outrageous Fortune. However before long you’ll be so engrossed in the mystery and the lives of the characters on the Blue Rose to keep searching for similarities.

SNEAK PEEK: Jane 's first day

Krystle ‘with a K’ is a bitch, but she’s an entertaining bitch. Also, a Shorty star, so take a shot. Them’s the rules, of course. See a Shortland Street or Outrageous Fortune actor and you take a shot of something strong. But not strong enough that you can’t follow the storyline! Too much alcohol and a complex storyline oft do not mix.


– Linda jabbing Rose’s ex-husband (well technically separated but he was on P, the upside down b! Seriously if he gets the house and their daughter Linda will probably do something drastic. She seems the type.) in the face at Rose’s funeral. He really does seem like a jerk-face the entire episode. So kudos for making a hateable character, he joins Peterson ‘don’t need a dead woman giving me grief’ and possibly Jane’s mooching boyfriend in the list of characters I’ll gladly hate on a weekly basis.

– Epic shots of Auckland city!

– The IT guy’s way of threatening is actually pretty freaky. He could make it look like Jane was looking at anything, even… nekkid animals!

– Not from the show itself, though related. Watching TV with New Zealand tweeters always yields the most…interesting insights and commentaries. 

Well that’s all we have for now. Let us know what you think if you caught the episode, if you haven’t seen it go watch the full episode HERE. If there’s one thing, however, to take away from the pilot is that the IT people see everything. EVERYTHING.

Let’s all tune in next week at 8:30pm on TV3 to catch the next episode as the mystery continues to unfold!


10 thoughts on “The Blue Rose Pilot 1×01 – There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

  1. OMG, I got quoted. Am I famous yet? Excellent review.


  2. I really WANT to like The Blue Rose but at least in the first twenty minutes, to call the characters 1-dimensional would be to overstate their depth. I hope it gets better!


    1. I hope it’s getting better for you, I think it just needed to get that first ep out of the way? The last two episodes have churned out quite a bit of character exposition.


  3. I have seen the two episodes yet and I really want to like it … but I am not sure yet. It is a rather slow thing and is trying rather hard to engage in the mysteries. Trying too hard maybe?


    1. Considering it’s a ‘whodunnit’ drama I think they would want to sort of set up that element of mystery from the very start. We’re supposed to be kept wondering ‘who did it?’ or ‘who’s involved and why’ and especially ‘what is going on?’ I don’t mean ‘what’s going on this show makes no sense’ but in terms of the differet storylines all building towards that bigger story arc. I suppose too much mystery can become tiresome if we’re never given any answers- but I think the following episodes have provided enough answers to some questions set in the pilot whilst opening it up to more warrants their initial deliberation, no?


      1. Jennifer Martin March 12, 2013 — 1:45 pm

        I have watched all the aired episodes so far (total of 6). I really want to like this show but it is still rather slow. Mystery is good but when there is no answer or anything revealed at all then it is really tiresome. However, the show is really slow, the way they discuss everything, e.g. setting up appointments, going from one house to another, etc., it rather insults my intelligence. The drama has been executed so lame that at this point I don’t even care anymore who has done what. Just a poor show. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.


      2. No problem, thanks for sharing yours!

        I like differing opinions, makes for good discourse.


  4. I agree, the first couple of episodes were all over the show and lacked story line credibility so that it was hard not to look for discrepancies in the plot. It seemed that clues were leading to major break-throughs in leads etc at such a lightening speed one had to chuckle.

    The characters acted well on the whole and sceens were well shot but it was slow to establish its point and was weighed down with too much dialogue.

    Howevever having persevered and got past the first 2 episodes, i’m really liking the show now. It seems to have picked up momentum and now that I’m acquainted with the characters, I’m eager to find out more about each of them.

    I believe It has got better and better with each episode and the characters have grown more entertaining.

    I think Siobhan Marshall is playing Linda really convincingly and doing a good job of distracting us from her iconic role as Pascal in OF. Krystle is a hoot and provides the light relief the show needs.



  5. what’s the theme tune, who’s it by?


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