Miranda 3×05: Three Little Words

Oh Miranda, Miranda, Miranda. This week we find Miranda still, shockingly, in a relationship with Mike. The problem? He loves her. How’s that a problem? I hear you ask, aghast at the very notion. Good word, aghast. Which is what you are, aghast at the idea that Mike’s love for Miranda is problematic. Which, I assure you, it is. You see with Mike you know what you’re getting. That is to say the development of their relationship has been pretty straight forward, thanks to Mike. He liked her, he asked her out. We definitely know where Miranda stands with him. We’ve known he’s loved Miranda since The Dinner Party, where his feelings were laid out on the table for us fans to feast upon. I’m using consumption metaphors because Miranda’s true love is food. Specifically, donuts. (I’m not going to get into a Mike – Gary comparison at this point. Hold your horses.) The problem lies in the fact that Miranda’s feelings are not as strong as Mike’s. Where Mike loves Miranda like a fat kid loves cake, Miranda’s the cake- in love with her chef. Damn it Gary, how did you find your way in there!? And that’s part of the problem! Gary finds his way in there no matter what. Visual reminder? Miranda can’t say those ‘Three Little Words’ to Mike because, as we all know, she’s in love with Gary. And we all know that Gary’s in love with Miranda, I’m not just saying it because they’re my OTP. Now Miranda doesn’t realise her feelings straight away, why would she? She’s Miranda. And so each time Mike says he loves her she’s responded with some nonsense that wouldn’t fly in the real world but works just fine as a diversion in Miranda-land.

Mike: I love you.

Miranda: Oh well, well done, you’re welcome and what a boost! That’s a fine hand, forsooth sir!

OR I uh..I … *sings* Eyes are to see and noses are to smell with.

What Miranda needs is her best friend (try not to burst into that song by Cher Lloyd) and the metaphorical prune to her emotional constipation. Unfortunately, they’ve unsurprisingly had a falling out becase Stevie feels Miranda’s been ignoring her since shacking up with Marple (Miranda’s nickname for Mike). On one hand- MIRANDA’S GOT A BOYFRIEND!!! *Penny voice* GOOO MIRANDA!! On the other? Disco Karaoke Finals. Stevie has the right to be at least a little annoyed. Although to be fair, forgetting to catch Stevie is perhaps no better than actively shoving her to the ground as Miranda does at least once every episode. We know their row is temporary. However before they make up, that poor customer from series 1 who was drafted into helping Miranda come up with an excuse for getting out of Penny’s matchmaking party in ‘Excuse’ is once again dragged into the foray.

The lovely fellow who just so happened to be in the wrong joke shop at the right time, once again finds himself in the middle of a Miranda mayhem and invited to ‘Stay and hang’ before he’s ordered to ‘STAY AND HANG!’ or commanded to ‘THINK AND PACE!’

He doesn’t have a name, despite now being Miranda’s replacement best friend, and interim work-shopper. Thankless job really.

Dominic Coleman is brilliant as Helpful Customer/We-Don’t-Know. For someone who no one knows (not even himself in the end) he winds up knowing an awful lot about Miranda’s life. However not enough to know not to blab to Penny that Miranda can’t be direct because of her ‘pushy mother.’ Or to Michael that they’re work-shopping because Miranda realises that she doesn’t love Mike. As things tend to happen in threes he also discloses to Gary that Miranda loves Gary. All confrontations narrowly avoided thanks to quick thinking and Take That references. It’s brilliant the way that it keeps happening- what’s more brilliant is the way they cover up We-Don’t-Know’s blunders by saying they’re forming a Take That Tribute Band. (I knew Gary Barlow was going to have a cameo so all throughout the entire episode I was just waiting for them to sing Take That’s Back for Good.)

Where not much occurred in last week’s Je Regret Nothing, a lot happens in this episode. It’s a whirlwind of words unsaid, work-shopping and running from geese! Miranda’s inability to just say what she needs to makes things complicated. And we all know what happens when Miranda isn’t able to get what she’s feeling out. Last time? Gary left for Japan. This time? Well, Rose has been texting so there’s every chance that Gary could get back with Rose. Gary needs Miranda’s help with the opening of Gary’s, and she agrees only in her the excitement of her realisation she forgets. Angry Gary is always a pleasure- until he’s frightened like a little girl. Stevie kisses Gary as a way of scaring Rose off, but everyone noticed a supposed lingering. I put it down to Stevie’s allure. Of course Miranda vows to one day snog Stevie’s Gary (Barlow) which she admits she knows would never happen. Fake French. New BFF. Proposal? No, Mike just told Miranda’s father that he took a job in Africa. That confused me slightly. I’m just glad Miranda and Mike ended on good terms. Because I like him. And so Miranda’s alone again, but she’s still got We-Don’t-Know! That blow out scene at Gary’s tho’

Penny: Oh that’s embarrassing, do something more embarrassing so it won’t seem so embarrassing.

Special Mentions

‘I wouldn’t laugh, that’s one of the reasons I love you.’


Stevie’s one of us. ‘I’VE WAITED THREE YEARS FOR THIS!’ & ‘Of course (Gary) does (love you back). The minute Mike told you he loved you, I clocked Gary’s face.’

Freakin’ Raymond Blanc!!! Although thanks to Raymond we were treated to a cameo from none-other than Gary Barlow himself! AND FINALLY THEY SING MY FAVOURITE (and surely everyone else’s favourite) TAKE THAT SONG!!!! BACK FOR GOOD!!

Sound off in the comments with your favourite moments from this week’s episode of Miranda!

Oh I don’t kno-SOUND OFF!!


10 thoughts on “Miranda 3×05: Three Little Words

  1. An utterly hilarious episode of Miranda once more. Laughed out loud and shrieked in comedic horror when We-Don’t-Know blabbed not once, not twice, but THREE times!!

    I did find this problematic though: Miranda and Mike’s break up was such a cop out! It was the perfect opportunity for Miranda to have a little bit of growth and become a little less emotionally constipated. I feel that, if she is to have a proper, mature relationship with Gary she should at least be the slightest bit more grown up when it comes to boyfriends. Mike was a good dress rehearsal but I don’t know, their break up was just a too easy on Miranda and her inability to communicate something that she doesn’t want. Although, due credit to her when she DID try to sit him down and tell him… I don’t know. Too many serious feels for a comedy show! Gary + Miranda already, please.


    1. I agree with it being a cop out, but also with six 20ish-minute episodes they probably feel that it was sufficient for the time-frame they have to work with. As much as I wish Miranda and Mike’s relationship could have been developed a little bit more, I do think (if it hasn’t already been renewed for a fourth series) that they want to wrap up loose ends before the end of the current series. And their biggest loose end is the Miranda-Gary will they-won’t they dilemma.

      Yes, WAY too many feels for a comedy/sitcom such as this. Remember that ep where we find out that Gary was married and that he’d slept with that chick? Like- whoa I didn’t know how they’d make it funny…until Miranda fell asleep comically fast in front of the camera.

      And they still haven’t explained Clive’s absence, have they?


      1. Wondering if Gary *still married* to Tamara?! And not to sound weird but I’ve wondered if we are to assume that Miranda and Mike were intimate during their short relationship…?


      2. Hey that’s a good question! I don’t think they ever really resolved that, or if they did address it they did so in a throwaway line that we’ve forgotten. I don’t think so however.

        And yeah, I think they would have =S


  2. Yes, where is Clive??? Maybe working full time with Jason at the Hamilton lodge providing “company”?


    1. Hahahaha that would be a laugh. I hope that we’re offered something, anything, about Clive in the next series. I just need to know!


      1. Okay so I found the Miranda series a few months ago on Hulu and ate up every episode very quickly then to find out there “might” be a series 4…in two years! That’s a long time to wait especially with the way it ended with two proposals! I was thinking, “hurry up and write the scripts – I need more!” Hahaha! But as I began to watch the shows over and over (and over!), I started to see how intricate the writing really is. How comments and references throughout the episodes are cleverly tied up/connected by the end of each show. So I guess since patience is a virtue, I will wait…well, because I have to! Such fun! 🙂

        Nice recap of this episode BTW, I felt like I was watching it because it was so thorough!


      2. It is a very well written and utterly hilarious show, I’m so glad you stumbled upon it and have fallen in love with is as much as we have! I heard about it from this old lady I used to work with and so I found the first series (while series 2 was only just airing) and watched it all in one go. I can’t believe how much I laughed.

        Ugh, yeah after series 3 when I heard that Miranda wouldn’t be coming back for another year or two I was so sad haha. We shall wait patiently together then haha, in my wait I’ve posted a Top 5 Guest Characters and a Compendium of Tillyisms haha. I just want to know what happens neeext!

        Thanks! We recap/review Miranda thoroughly because we love it so much and can’t stop talking about it mostly haha.


  3. P.S. it’s nice to be able to chat about this show! It has not caught on as much in America yet and none of my friends are into Britcoms – thanks! 🙂


    1. Gah! Miranda is the best! We love chatting to people about it.

      America needs to get on this! And by this I mean Miranda- such fun!


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