Miranda 3×03: ‘The Dinner Party’

Well hello to you Miranda lovers near and far, how I wonder what you are. Sorry, sorry. *Mouths* NOT sorry.

How adorable is Mirachael?

Ovary adorable. Not very adorable, ovary adorable. Nothing? Okay so maybe that joke doesn’t make sense out of context, still, rude. HE STILL CALLS HER QUIRKY! Side rant: I was trollin’ through the Miranda tag on tumblr and happened across some posts about how Michael calling Miranda is patronising and not cute. Also, one post raged against Michael nicknaming Miranda Quirky because ‘it’s not even a name it’s an adjective’ if you’re going to take issue with Quirky being an adjective use the proper term, NOUN- beside the point. It would mean anyone who’s nicknamed after a defining trait or physical feature can’t be because, well, adjectives! Red, Shorty, Beautiful Blackie- uhm. Focus! So Michael calls Miranda Quirky because it’s one of her defining characteristics, it’s part of who she is and he loves her for it. He calls her Quirky endearingly, not patronisingly.

Side rant over. Mostly because you know Gary and Miranda have been my OTP since S01E01 when, while dancing together, Miranda’s trousers slipped down. However there’s no need to belittle what Miranda and Michael have. Even if Gary’s expression in the background tore my shipper heart in two.

If you thought Miranda in a relationship would be any different to Miranda NOT in a relationship you are sorely mistaken. Because she’s as gawky and clumsy as always. If attempting not to be so…embarrassing around Michael. And ‘Operation Maintain Dignity’ around Michael only means suppressed silliness bursts out in inappropriate moments.

That poor instructor. I’m sorry, but how can Miranda continue to be allowed into group activities with how she acts? Remember when she smashed everyone in that yoga class in series one?

(I can’t find the gif and I’m much too lazy to make one right now so try to remember!’ Yoga instructor breathes in and says ‘Annnd let it all out.’ Miranda immediately starts talking ‘Well, it’s my mother you see.’ Whilst walking towards the front of the class, pushing and kicking other people in the class out of the way before punching the instructor in the face. If you have these gifs, by all means share and share alike I always say! )

Now I love that by Miranda’s standards she’s sophisticated girlfriend personified because she owns a ‘pashmina’ and can, although not very successfully, hear someone say ‘sausage’ without giggling.

Things I will probably try: Fruit friends, Vegestapals, swing muffin, possibly the best game I’ve ever seen, ever. Swing muffin. No. SWING MUFFIN. What cereal am I? Can we fit Stevie (anyone small) in a pillow case? Where’s Miranda? (Or any one of my friends.)

Things I probably won’t: Going commando, wearing an elasticated culotte, being a proper ladywoman for someone. Cooking anyone dinner.

Miranda’s a big kid, this is something that’s endeared her to us over the years. There’s no need to change, and although she tries to change a bit- for Michael, it doesn’t really stick. The first night he isn’t over and her house looks like a playpen. Stevie, being Stevie, points this all out to her and so Miranda sets out to prove to Stevie that she’s ‘serious woman’ and ‘a functioning adult in a mature relationship.’ You know this can’t well, but will most definitely be hilarious.

We find out Gary is applying for a loan as he’s buying the restaurant (YAY!) and so can’t babysit for Chris and Alison!

I’m actually rather glad to see them, and looking a little frazzled might I add. You know where this is going, and you’re loving it.

Miranda: Well hellooo babysitter.

Gary: Oh, well, helloo responsibility.

Miranda: Helloo RUDE.

Chris and Alison are desperate for a babysitter as Alison needs to go have a *mouths* scrape, at the hospital, so they agree to let Miranda babysit and exit. Although not before Alison’s brilliantly delivered line on the subject of trying to have another baby: ONLY I CAN SPEAK FOR MY VAGINA!

Miranda’s reaction to Alison’s outburst and most probably to the word vagina: WHY! WHY!…Whyyy Delilah wawawa.

MIRANDA AND GARY ARE TOTALLY ENDGAME AND THIS CONFUSES ME GREATLY! Because Michael is so lovely and he too gets Miranda. So if and when they do break Miranda and Mike up, please be gentle.

Miranda is rather at home in the music session at the play-center. Because the lady leading the session sings everything- Miranda needs a job like this, although at the same time it would be disastrous. Think of the children. Also, Old MacDonald had a ..dolphin? I was in hysterics throughout the episode, don’t get me wrong, but I about had an ‘accident’ during three scenes especially.

The Dolphin impersonation. (Someone find me a gif post haste!)

The Chiropractor scene. (I still find slapstick and toilet humour hilarious, yes I am five. We’re ALL FIVE! HIGH FIVE! Also WIG! WIG!)

And the Dinner Party. (Everything about the dinner party. From Miranda’s ‘grace’ where she tricked us to into thinking she was going to sing some ABBA but didn’t, to FIVE SECOND RULE, FIVE SECOND RULE to everyone talking smack about Valerie in the room and being overheard because of the baby monitor. I WAS IN STITCHES.)

The thing with Miranda is that I love ALL of the main characters. How brilliantly was Penny’s fisdunctional line delivered?!

Actually Penny was ON FORM tonight. ‘Do you think you could do the laugh while you’re making the joke, that way there won’t be any false starts.’ BUUUURN.
Stevie throwing down the ‘do things without your mummy’ gauntlet. GAUNTLET! Also, HER ‘BOYFRIEND’ NORMAN! ‘No no, we’re seeing each other- GET OFF ME.’ Her foot in mouth problem, during the awkward Gary and Miranda’s spotty past discussion. ‘Oh tell me about it, ON, OFF, ON, OFF!’
Gary breaking up with Rose because she talked smack about Miranda. (More confusion, damn you!) When he was the only one that jumped onto the chair at the thought of a mouse. I love that they’re consistent with their characters, Gary’s always going to be just a little bit feminine.
Mike standing up to his dad for Miranda. And he *gets* Miranda! ‘And do you know what I really want to do? FOAM FIIIIGHT!’
EVEN THE RANDOM STRANGERS. Norman: ‘I shat myself once.’ ‘I like to let kittens feed from my beard.’
Miranda’s characters never disappoint. Which reminds me, bear with, where was Tilly? Although, with the plethora of characters that kept the episode perpetually in motion this week, it was probably wise not to include Tilly. Especially when it was a ‘couples dinner’ and Tilly’s woefully singletins at the moment.
It’s a hectic episode, as is any episode of Miranda, but satisfyingly hilarious. And not just hilarious but there’s something you can take away from it. Miranda’s told she needs to be more mature and sophisticated, or thinks she needs to be, but in the end Miranda, as a person and a show, maintains the idea that you’re always going to be yourself no matter what. And if you’re a grown woman-child then OWN it. And Miranda does, she owns it. It’s why she owns a joke-shop. We all need to be a little bit more like Miranda, and I don’t mean immature and childlike, I mean true to ourselves.

And in this episode of Where’s CLIVE?! I am currently with possible answer. Well, I’ve done some serious research (not really, I Googled the actor and had to sift through some stuff about the crazy Aurora shooter James Holmes) and it appears as though James Holmes, UK actor who plays Clive, might have been a bit busy whilst Miranda was filming. Mystery managed. Although, I’m sad. But perhaps Valerie can fill the void Clive’s left behind. That one person who mocks Miranda to her face, only Mike’s dad will mock not just Miranda but her ‘freaky friends and dysfunctional family’ too! Yeah nah, no one can replace Clive!



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