JawkwardLOL wondering: When do you give up on a TV show?

You’ve watched a TV show from the very beginning, followed it through cliffhangers and climaxes, highs and lows with tears of both joy, sadness, and laughter. It had made you forget friends and loved ones, ignore responsibilities and stay in rather than go out. You’ve endured a lot and invested so much time in this TV show that it’s probably, extremely, unhealthy for you.

It’s a bit like a relationship, except for the part where a real person can’t be paused to continue later on or turned off- well. Anyhoo, you’ve followed this TV show from the start, perhaps from its very conception, and just like a relationship sometimes you get off to a rocky start, sometimes it’s great from the get go and sometimes you’re unsure whether it’s for you and eventually start to really enjoy it- but one thing is for certain you know that you’re ready to commit to this show and settle in for the long haul.

But for how long? How long can you suspend your belief, and not notice how utterly ridiculous the story lines are, or how little a character is developing? The answer varies. Sometimes these discrepancies only make the show more entertaining, because you know it’s bad, the show knows it’s bad, but you will watch on because hilariously bad is in right now. But eventually these things start to grate on your nerves and instead of ‘haha this is so bad it’s good’ you start muttering ‘seriously? SERIOUSLY?!’

When can you no longer stand a show that it makes you physically ILL to watch it? When Gossip Girl first started, it instantly became a guilty pleasure. I had read the books and was intrigued to find they were making it into a TV show and when it premiered I immediately suspended belief to be swept up into the Upper East side drama. For the first two or so series I was hooked, I liked how they strayed from the books and how relevant to the time the show was. The kids were rich, their lives were outrageous and someone was dishing dirt about them via BLOG! But hell, it was a nice 40ish minutes of abandon with hot guys and pretty girls living the lives of the rich and infamous and THEY WERE ONLY IN HIGH SCHOOL ZOMG.

However by halfway through the 3rd series it was becoming less of a need to watch and eventually it wasn’t even a want, in fact it started becoming a chore. Blair’s schemes were tired, Chuck and Blair’s poisonous relationship was tired- Serena’s face was tired, everything became tiresome and I stopped watching. Something had snapped in me, making me rue it so much more for the time I spent on it. Just like a relationship. Badoom tush.

I gave up fairly easily, I didn’t even go through the ‘I’ll watch it to see how bad it can get’ stage. It started getting bad and I started losing interest. I haven’t broken down and watched an episode of the final series, even the finale where we found out the identity of the almighty Gossip Girl-


(Spoiler Alert: it’s Dan.)

One particular show that seems to progressively be getting worse is Glee. Gawd Glee is so bad but unlike Gossip Girl I foresee no end in sight and I cannot stop watching. I literally hate myself when I watch it but watch it I will. It is no longer funny for me, the musical performances are derivative and I used to be able to overlook the shitty storytelling because it was funny and the musical numbers were entertaining. However I keep watching in the hopes that something interesting will happen, I don’t know I’m trying to make it work for me, you know? I feel like I should have given up a while ago, I really should have but I haven’t- even if it takes a lot to sit through the 40ish minutes and not throw something at my TV or throw down my laptop.

So that’s the question I pose to you today, when do you give up? I gave up on gossip Girl fairly easily and early I reckon. Anyone else got any shows they’ve given up on over the years? Any failed relationships to disclose? Also, when people ask if you still watch a particular show and you’re like, ‘no. We um, we didn’t work out in the end.’ Does anyone else get weird looks or is that just me?


What say you?

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