Miranda, our JawkwardLOL Queen Kong. 3×01 It was Panning.

There are few TV shows that can combine slapstick, toilet humour, romance without being mushy, drama and witty wordplay into a thirty minute episode so well without being vulgar or lame. Miranda is one of them. It’s amazing that the foundation of the episode can hinge on the gang seeing Miranda at the end of an obesity report on the news when the camera was panning across and she happened to be sitting on a park bench stuffing her face. It gives her mum a reason to get Miranda to Eaters Anonymous where Miranda gets to high five someone she calls ‘manboobs’ and sing a little Bey. To the left, to the left.


We get to watch Miranda struggle with a corporate environment and it doth not bode well for her. As per usual she winds up half-naked and makes a grand exit.

It’s funny because we are Miranda. The socially awkward woman who hasn’t yet grown into a mature adult despite her age, now that sounds like it could be a jibe but it most certainly is not because- well.. Rude.

It’s Christmas time in Surrey and it seems, since the last Christmas episode things have taken a turn for the less than great. Miranda’s lost the shop and Stevie as it seems, who has now gotten a job as a professional executive and seems to have also taken on a very Tilly persona.

Miranda and Gary are ‘just friends’ now although, as Stevie and the (oh so (un)happy to be single) Tilly point out, they’re always on the ‘brink’ of romance. Cough bear wit,  OTP! Bear with.. OTP! Yeah no, because Miranda and Gary are my OTP and if you think otherwise you’re a basic bitch. (Okay, that’s twitter’s fault, someone inserted this phrase into my vocabulary…not a euphemism.)

Just a few mentionables:

Also, was anyone else dying when her pant leg was ripped off by the elevator? Or when Stevie found her thing? She’s not obese it was just paaaannning! Paanning!
Gawd and Patricia Nelson! Miranda it was meeee!

If this first episode is an indication of the rest of the season you can bet your maracas this series will be just as funny as the last two.

Except..WHERE’S CLIVE!!!!


2 thoughts on “Miranda, our JawkwardLOL Queen Kong. 3×01 It was Panning.



    1. Well, it also belongs to my good friend Jess =P

      https://jawkwardlol.com/2012/07/08/jawkward-introductions/ (here’s the origins story, like the kind every superhero has hahahahaha)


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