JawkwardLOL Reviews ‘Bucket List of an Idiot’

Dom Harvey: Bucket List Of An Idiot

Title: Bucket List of an Idiot

Series: N/A

Author: Dominic Harvey

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Emphasis on the Idiot! Dominic Harvey’s book was the first I purchased for my new Kindle Paperwhite, you can understand why I couldn’t afford a physical copy. A flash new Kindle equals empty pockets for an indefinite amount of time afterwards. I had been wanting to read Bucket List of an Idiot for a while now, no thanks to his constant plugs of it (recommended retail price of $28.99 at all respectable book stores) during The Edge morning show, co-hosted with Jay-Jay Feeney and Mike Peru. Those poor sods that have to work with, and in Jay-Jay’s case be married to, such a nong-head. J K LOLS J K LOLS we at JawkwardLOL think Dom’s hilair. Although I’m sure we’ve all had that moment when Dom has said something hilarious, but malapropos, on air and you’re sitting there thinking…

Now in saying this, Bucket List of an Idiot isn’t for the faint at heart, or stomach. The cringe factor is pretty high, honestly, you need to be pretty mellow to appreciate, nay really enjoy it. What do you expect from a book where there is an abundance of toilet humour, some of which is presented to us within the first few pages sans a toilet, might I add? And despite this, the foreword is a handwritten message from the current Prime Minister John Key. What a fancy guy. Although the foreword does suggest Dom have a ‘bungee jump without the bungee’ as one of the items on the list. Witty Key, oh so witty. Any Samoans reading this post thinking ‘I see what you did there’? No? Sigh. A bi-lingual pun wasted.

I digress.

The basics. A bucket list, for anyone who doesn’t know what that is, is a list composed of things to do before you kick your maker- wait no, meet the bucket, crud. Let me try that again. It’s a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket and/or meet your maker. Die. A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die. Now Bucket List of an Idiot is just that and even more. It’s the bucket list of an amusing idiot. There are some things, as with every list, that you wouldn’t be too keen on trying out yourself. For instance, I don’t think any of us would be keen to literally kiss another human being’s bum. Unless you’re super into that sort of thing in which case, cool… we don’t judge.

And then there are chapters where you think, dude, that’s awesome. I want a go! No, I’m not referring to his visit to a Dominatrix or a Gay Sauna by the way. Yeah nah to be honest, more often than not, you’ll find yourself thinking you’re glad you’re not Dom. Especially when physical pain, embarrassment and monetary loss is involved. Because while you read about certain discomforts that Dom encounters for the sake of writing this book, you’re sat comfortably in your lounge, library or in the parking lot trying not to laugh so hard while Dom explains what he had to go through to tick an item off his list.

Stylistically? The book is written in a laid back Kiwi fashion, it reads like you’re listening to Dom tell the story animatedly on the radio, or even as though you were having a heavily one-sided conversation with him on the street. The diction and lingo, regardless of whether or not you’re a Kiwi, is easy to understand; if rather colourful and not very child-friendly.  As the chapters don’t progress chronologically or even link, you can read them in whatever order you like. And if you happen to skip a chapter, lord knows why, it won’t have an impact on how the book reads as a whole.

JawkwardLOL Verdict?

A lot of the awkwardness that occurs is right up our alley, so I enjoyed it immensely, as did Jess (she told me herself). We don’t want to spoil any of it for any slackers out there who have yet to have a read, but if you’re keen for chuckle or keen to give someone else something to laugh about, then get a hold of a copy of Bucket List of An Idiot. I hear they’re selling fast, or was that Richie McCaw’s autobiography?


1 thought on “JawkwardLOL Reviews ‘Bucket List of an Idiot’

  1. Hey, thanks for reading the book and the lovely review you gave it. I reckon you have summed things up fairly haha


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