Poor Paupers in the Back and Lucky Possums. Eat Pray Laugh!

Last night we had the privilege, thanks to Jessica, to attend Barry Humphries’ show from his farewell tour “Eat Pray Laugh!”

It had all the funnies one could ask for, politically incorrect and racist remarks, slapstick and toilet humour and above all- some fine roasting of front row audience members. Which, of course, made me very glad we weren’t seated near the front. I’m pretty sure Dame Edna Everage would have had a multitude of rasshhcial comments to make about a few brown people. Also, I would not have relished being sprayed with saliva by the Honorable Sir Les Patterson. I had a few laugh out loud moments in the beginning of the show with ‘Les Get Cookin’ making me laugh while at the same time feel a bit queasy. Oh and Les’ pedo priest brother. Speaking of the pedo priest brother. Anyone notice how hot the Pianist was? *wink wink nudge nudge*

And was anyone else a bit confuddled by the sudden depressing turn just before the intermission? Sure there were a few funny remarks, but when Sandy Stone was talking about his dead child, June, and how his own death affected his wife I think Jessica whispered ‘someone shoot me this is so sad’. Although I had to hand it to the socially inept in the audience who offered up some inappropriately timed chuckles during one of the most depressing bits of the scene, when the tricycle obviously symbolising June moved across the stage.

I’m just glad that the second half of the show was all Dame Edna all the time haha. Pam, Jane, Helen and old Seeny (Senior Citizen), the lucky members of the audience Humphries- sorry I mean Dame Edna picked on, were great sports weren’t they? Because Dame Edna was on fire, she had a field day with them. It was brilliant and all I could do was sit there emitting quiet ‘Boom! Roasted’s with every zinger. For an Aussie, Humphries is pretty ALLLLRRRIIIIGHT.

Can you stick a ‘to be continued’ on a posted post? Well guess what, I’m a do it because I’ll do what I want! Yeah I’m tired.

But before I go, how about that girl in the front row who, when Barry Humphries was addressing the audience at the end, went up to the stage with a book wanting an autograph. OF COURSE YOU WERE GOING TO GET REJECTED THE MAN WAS ON STAGE! I felt so awkward for her, taking her notebook back and sitting back in her seat, the sting of rejection amplified by the sting of her own stupidity. Yeah I’m tired and when I get tired I get a little mean. Laters, I’ll finish this post later. No worries.


1 thought on “Poor Paupers in the Back and Lucky Possums. Eat Pray Laugh!

  1. I really like what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever
    work and coverage! Keep up the great works guys I’ve included you guys to my blogroll.


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