Jawkward Introductions

Hi. Hello. Namaste. Talofa.

Saying hello to strangers is always awkward. No one can convince us otherwise. When you’re a stranger saying ‘hey’ to another stranger there will always be sudden silences, next to nil eye contact, and weird noises that escape your mouth. You don’t know how but you spend half your time trying to turn strange noises into sighs, hmms and/or ahhs. Physically, you extend your arm out for a handshake, miss the person’s hand by a mile and ‘turn it into a dance,’ which is in no way acceptable. Not that any of us have done it before. *shifty eyes*

However here we are, blog world, another blog of somewhat socially inept people attempting to connect with other socially inept people by way of nerding out over television shows, literary and fictional characters and film obsessions. It’s socially acceptable to talk about fictional characters as if they’re as real as you and I. Almost as acceptable as making a racist joke about your Indian friend. JawkwardLOL is our baby. There’s a little bit of Jessica K, Laumata L and bits and pieces of our friends. This baby will look like Frankenstein’s monster, only more awkward and less scary. Jawkward.

We have Jess. Our technical, technology, financial director, the boring-things expert.

She’s an Accountant.

Tech/financial/numbers expert

Me. Mata. The one doing the writing and other things, like procrastinating.

I’m a professional procrastinator.

Those creative types.

So that’s the team. We’re all but qualified to bring you a bunch of JawkwardLOL content.

Jess is a certified tech nerd.

And I’m a certified creative genius.

We’re also very opinionated when it comes to television. Sure our opinions will more or less be comprised of fangirling tendencies, read as: rage, but every now and then our awkward ramblings will yield mature (ha!) thought out (double ha!) discussions. Would you drop us a beat, a comment, a word if you managed to read through this? I promise not to send you an envelope with a request for some of your hair if you do. Because that would be weird. And I wouldn’t want, you to… feel obliged to send a lock of your hair if you didn’t want to. *whistling* If you could put Awkward in a bottle and sell it, we could tell you that in that bottle would be extracts of our DNA, strands of our hair and some of our tears. I’m joking, but not really… awkwardlol. Would you believe me if I said I laughed out loud? Because I could have. I usually laugh out loud at things I read, like when I read that the jury found Ewen Macdonald ‘not guilty’ of Scott Guy’s murder, or when I watched a video of a cat pooping on a bird. The lady next to me on the train didn’t find my laughter contagious, but that’s neither here nor there. Or perhaps she was annoyed by the fact that I played the video of the cat pooping on the bird out loud. Jeez, it’s not like the cat was pooping on her.

Jawk ya later.


2 thoughts on “Jawkward Introductions

  1. Most excellent, ladies.


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